about me


11891148_10153090786451288_3318454085381781968_nI give myself full permission to choose myself.

I give myself full permission to fail and be thankful, and to try again.

I give myself full permission to feel important, capable and resilient.

I am excited about green living, adventure, and culture. Currently in Chile, I live on learning how to be eco-friendly in an environmentally unconscious city, yoga and finding nature escapes. While life is constantly turning a new page, intercultural exchange and mindful living are topics I always return to in daily life and in study.

My current goals include developing community values and honing my authentic writing voice. I best generate genuine reflection and story telling in front of a changing landscape, whether it’s interacting with my backyard differently or traveling. It’s something I crave and my life path has reflected that.

See my elevator “pitch” for more details!