8.4.16 Porch Patrol

I camped out on my screened-in porch last night, which is nestled under the sweeping branches of our old pine tree.

I did this to become more in-tune with the sun and start waking earlier.

I woke up at 6 a.m. to an empty house and stepped inside to pee, although I would have like to pee outside in the cool morning air.

I was gleeful for having chosen to bring the adventure to myself.

After sliding into my bright yellow sleeping bag again, I slipped off to sleep.

Dreams of sleeping on the porch filled my mind, and soon—from my strategic position on the porch—I discovered that some neighborhood kids had stolen some plants and a surfboard from the porch!

I ran after them and asked condescendingly, “Where did you find these objects?”

Then, I returned happily to my home, having successfully completed the night’s porch patrol…and soon woke up to the sunshine through the pine tree. Snug on the porch.

I camped out on the porch and dreamt I caught some porch plant stealers. #porchpatrol

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