2.17.16 Earwigs nearby

IMG_8560Said "ok" and suddenly I'm in a torn-up teepee in a hay barn with four people I met three days ago. We spent the last hour patching up the hut and stacking the last of the heavy hay bails on the other side of the room.
IMG_8597The door creaks with the breeze and the disgruntled cows moan around us. Tomorrow we will milk them. We're surrounded by earwigs and the only solution is to sleep, quickly, before not sleeping at all.
IMG_8596Let the dull moos and the heat cuddle me up and doze, thinking of Ignacio, my toes, and how easy it was to be here.

Making time for May

It’s the 3rd of May and I’m looking back on how my month has gone so far. On the 1st and 2nd I explored locally with my boyfriend with little to no pre-planning. We stepped out of the city noise into quiet fresh air.

Cerro El Roble in Caleu, Chile. On the horizon is the Andes mountain range.

Yesterday I woke up at 5:40 AM and I loved it. We metro-bus-hitchhiked our way to the foot of a 2222 meter mountain in full autumn brilliance. We encouraged each other through foot pain and the uncertainty of how we would return home from this tiny valley village with no public transportation.

At the top, the snow-capped Andes stretched in the longest line from North to South that we had ever seen. To the other side we saw the blue rolling Costal mountain range and the clouds above the sea. We sat in silence, the breeze quiet and looked below and around at the varied landscape. Suddenly, a condor swept silently beneath us and I gasped in awe. I had never seen one from above before nor so close and it was moving. It circled below and then above us for a short time, never flapping it  s wings once but simply gliding over the air currents.

The condor beneath the summit of El Roble.
I’m happy I could make room for adventure so close to home. It’s refreshing and empowering. I was able to let go and center my energy on the hike. I plan to use this experience as a guide into the task I have ahead for the next month.
Make time for what’s important. Do one thing at a time. 
For the rest of the month, I hope to continue a few simple things:
  • Waking up early (more on this later)
  • My sacred morning routine
And to start some new things:
  • Stay active everyday
  • A solid bedtime routine
  • Writing routine, publishing every Friday and Monday
Here we go!IMG_7807